Veteran's Heritage Project

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It is the aim of the Veterans Heritage Project to continue expanding this unique educational experience into more schools around the country, to preserve as many veterans' stories and to impact as many students as possible.

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Dr. Michael Crow, ASU President

Dr. Michael Crow ASU

”You need to be a part of this extraordinary program,” stated Dr. Michael Crow, President of ASU, who gave the opening address at the annual Book Signing/Reception in 2013.

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VHP AZ Humanities Panel 2015

World War II veteran Vivian Frazier with CSHS Senior Lizzy SatranAZ Humanities

AZ Humanities, who helped fund the 2015 reception, wished to hear the interaction between the student and the veteran.

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Anthem Cadets

Honor and Patriotism - Young scholars getting to know and honor Veterans

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