Veteran's Heritage Project

Arizona Gives Day

April 5th is Arizona Gives Day, a day when people all over Arizona go online to make donations to nonprofits they care about.
Last year, 573 nonprofit organizations raised over $2 million. Veterans Heritage Project participated for the first time last year and raised over $1,000.
This year, we have set a goal of $5,000. Nonprofits also receive a chance to win a portion of $175,000 in prize money for organizations that raise the most in donations. Please consider making a gift to our Arizona Gives Day campaign and be a part of investing in Arizona.

Just follow these easy steps:
1. Visit our AZ Gives Profile Page
3. You can pre-schedule your donation to be paid on April 5

Your gift will make a difference to the veterans and students we serve.
Even if you are unable to support us financially at this time, help us spread the word. Please “like” and “share” our posts on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you!