Veteran's Heritage Project

Photo Gallery

April 19, 2015 Phoenix VHP ReceptionPhotos courtesy of Suzanne Starr

Debbie & Phil Yin (Board), Laura Byers (Pres. Board), Brian, Joe Brett (Board)

Founder Barbara Hatch explains program to Grant Writer Michelle DiMuro, CSHS student Sam Slack and VHP Alumna Annalee Monroe, home from Stanford

Virgel Cain (Board), Harry Griffith (Treasurer), John Hatch, Susan Kee (Board)

Book Layout: Talon Forman and Ryan Whitten

Advisor of the Year Paula Burr with Barbara Hatch and Donna Ward

Purchasing Books

Sherri and Col. A Park Shaw

Susan Kee photographs Musical Theater of Anthem

Brenda Hamilton, AZ Humanities Council, with Vietnam veteran Clovis Jones

Gen. Carl Schneider

Chaplain Marty Spargo greets Rich Carmona and Adm. Vern Clark

Barbara Hatch congratulates Chino Valley student Nic DalCerro for completing the 1000th interview

1000th Interview: Chino Valley HS Advisor Scott Sloat, Nic DalCerro, Barbara Hatch, Dick Melick (1000th veteran interviewee), Brittany Henritze, and Laura Byers

Dr. Richard Carmona, keynote speaker, with Barbara Hatch

Dr. Richard Carmona and Admiral Vern Clark…they just happened to come after each other in the alphabet!

Clovis Jones congratulates Adm. Vern Clark

Michelle Hugo with her World War II pilot, Loy Julius

Garret King of Chino Valley High School with Lee Paul, World War II veteran

Bob Spencer

Jake Sonnenburg

Harrison Kessel, Sonoran Trails Middle School interviewer

Chaplain Marty Spargo salutes the Colors

Founder Barbara Hatch holds up William Hilling’s World War I journal, featured in Vol. 11 of Since You Asked

VHP Alumnae (l to r) with Admiral Vern Clark: Friend, Sofia Ripa, Admiral Clark, Syndi Nnorom, Annalee Monroe, Sam Slack, Ashley Schaefer, Carolina Nick (Photo by Susan Kee)

AZ Humanities, who helped fund the reception, wished to hear the interaction between the student and the veteran.
We chose three teams:

World War II veteran Vivian Frazier with CSHS Senior Lizzy Satran

Kyrene Akimel 8th grader Byron Albuja with Bill Robinson

CSHS Senior Sam Slack with Admiral Vern Clark

April 13, 2014 Phoenix VHP ReceptionPhotos courtesy of Michael Williams

Cactus Shadow High School students, from left: Michelle Hugo, Talon Forman, Jake Sonnenburg, Sam Slack

Cactus Shadows High School Students from left to right: Sydni Gist, Katelyn Finegan, Lizzy Satran

The ASU Naval ROTC Color Guard

Information Desk

Exhibit Boards

In Memoriam Table

Book Sales

Veteran Art Sloane and VHP Advisor Tim Ganahl

VHP Board/Navy veteran Virgel Cain with Marine Frank Copeland’s daughter

Book Signing Table with Army goody bags and books

Invocation given by Air Force veteran Rabbi Irwin Wiener

Ashley Durham – Cactus Shadows High School VHP President

Syndi Nnorom – Cactus Shadows High School Reception Planner and past VHP President

Musical Theater of Anthem

Emily Damolin and Alec Griffith from Cactus Shadows High School

Barbara Hatch – Founder, VHP Board Member and Mission Program Director

Keynote Speaker – Ted Vogt, Director of Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services and Air Force veteran

Speaker – Ron Sable, Vietnam veteran

Speaker – Sofia Ripa, Cactus Shadows High School VHP Secretary

John Huppenthal, Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona

Talon Forman, Cactus Shadows High School VHP Head of Book Layout, with Barbara Hatch

Advisor Award – Don Dickinson of Ironwood Ridge High School, with Donna Ward – VHP Secretary and Chapter Liaison

Laura Byers – VHP Chairman of the Board, President and Co-Founder of the Non-Profit with Brittany Henritze – VHP Executive Coordinator and Reception Planner

Emily Dalmolin greets Bataan Death March survivor Frank Burns and his wife Chong

Korean War veteran Bill Bumbolo

WWII Navy veteran Werner Diekmann

Anderson Award Recipients, Sofia Ripa and Alec Griffith of Cactus Shadows High School, with veteran Jerry Anderson

Vietnam veteran & VHP Board Member David Lucier

Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society member Chuck Schluter salutes Vietnam veteran Joey Strickland

Iraqi Freedom veteran Corey Harris

Iraqi Freedom veteran Corey Harris

VHP Senior Jessica Rumbold asks WWII veteran Bob Straith to sign her book

Buffalo Soldiers: Sofia Ripa’s veteran Aaron Plump on the right

January 22, 2014 – Suns/Mercury Press Release

Jason Rowley, President Suns & Mercury

Nicole Stanton and Jason Rowley

Nicole Stanton and Jason Rowley

David Lucier and Jason Rowley

David Lucier and Jason Rowley

Joe Brett and Jason Rowley

Joe Brett and Jason Rowley

Joe Brett, Barbara Hatch, Nicole Stanton, mascot, David Lucier

Joe Brett, Barbara Hatch, Nicole Stanton, mascot, David Lucier

David Lucier with Mercury mascot

David Lucier with Mercury mascot

Ann Drysdale

Ann Drysdale

Stage with Jumbotron

Stage with Jumbotron

October 18, 2013 – Reception at the Vi

On Friday, October 18, the Veterans Heritage Project at Cactus Shadows teamed up with the Vi in Scottsdale to host a reception for the veterans there in order to share our project goal and to thank them for allowing us to document their stories in earlier volumes of Since You Asked.  In the past 10 years, CSHS students documented the military service of 34 veteran-residents.  Veterans Heritage Project students, along with VHP Founder Barbara Hatch, updated the program’s achievement while we shared stories of why we take part in the club.  Most importantly we reestablished a relationship with this important community, while they gave us advice about life.  Interestingly, the veterans thanked us for coming down to talk about their journey and celebrate their successes.  It was ironic that the men and women who risked their lives to fight for our country thanked us for simply telling their stories.  These veterans should be able to tell their stories of sacrifice, courage, and bravery.

Ashley Durham speaking to Vi attendees

Barbara Hatch listens intently to a new Vi veterans she met at the reception

Sofia Ripa, Judy Ludwig, another Vi resident, Erika Soderstrom

2013 VHP Reception

2013 VHP Reception Awards

Cameron Lamp and Stephanie Rioux

2013 Copper Sword

2013 Copper Sword

2012 Copper Sword

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