Veteran's Heritage Project

The Program

A Unique Model for the Enhancement of Education

Military history is the subject, but the skill sets developed by the students are much broader, more personal, and the experience is life altering.

The scope and sequence of Veterans Heritage Project™ teaches students real work skills that will enhance their adult lives. Simultaneously, the veteran interviews have proven to be a major catalyst for personal and academic goal setting, as well as creating a passion to work for a social cause.

Skill Sets:

  • Interview Preparation and Research: Interview Preparation requires in-depth research. The students conduct an interview with a “stranger,” developing questions, creating a “personal” atmosphere, and listening attentively as each veteran tell his/her own story.
  • Writing and Editing: Students are required to develop writing and editing skills in order to create an essay that is professional quality for publication.
  • Business Planning: Students collaborate in developing and executing a business plan in preparation for publication of the book.
  • Personal Accountability: Specific goals are established,  job responsibilities are created, and deadlines are monitored by the students themselves.
  • Public Speaking: In developing public speaking skills, students summarize their interviews and broader learning experience in a formal presentation to the veteran community at the year-end reception.